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Ash Prints in Memoriam;

I make Ash prints from the ashes of your loved one. Through a scientific process adapted for this purpose I have created this unique and authentic works. 

These are the actual particles of the person or pet.  The original print takes a tablespoon of ash. 

At the optimum moment of its creation it is captured as a fine art print. Costs vary depending on size. 

I am The Shroud Maker and creator of Ash prints

I make creative shrouds for natural burials. My shrouds are made with sustainable and biodegradable fabrics, such as linen and hemp, making them environmentally friendly and good for the future of our planet. They are made as cyanotypes, a process which uses sunlight and benign chemicals to create an image. They are for burial only and not appropriate for cremations.

As an artist, I design images for the shroud to wrap the body as a beautiful last gift before burial.  The images themselves are similar to tattoos, like stories on the body.   Images  that reflect the lives of your loved one, from limited editions to bespoke shrouds.  Copies are available as keepsakes and as printed material for funerals

The poetics of cyanotype and death:  Images are made using sunlight, but will fade over years (just like us) but when placed in a safe dark place the image never fades, it will stay until the earth takes it.

These shrouds are a piece of art placed onto the base shroud

The name of the deceased is stitched into the work.

The costs are deliberately made affordable compared to usual funeral furniture without compromising on the quality.  Please contact me for further details. 07831890399


A Shroud comes in two parts: The base part is plain and completely encloses the wrapped body, some have strong handles stitched into the fabric.  A narrow board (of your own) is placed inside for ease of lifting and carrying.  You then cover with the artists image which is on a separate length of cloth and goes over the base shroud.  The complete shroud comes with simple instructions and is posted to you or your funeral director to assemble. A new shroud/coffin is also now available


cyanotype shrouds


SHROUD examples.  sizes  range   standard 5'4-5'8.  large 5'8 -6'4

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