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A new take on an ancient concept, making sustainable and biodegradable alternatives to coffins. These shrouds celebrate the individual by placing them in a unique design by artist Lena Sass. These shrouds can be used with a willow coffin or on their own or on a base of woven willow.  They are appropriate for natural burials and cemeteries,  some crematoriums accept shrouds, but a discussion with individual crematorium is necessary.

You can purchase the shroud with the base shroud then add your own base board and wool blanket, this enables me to post quickly to you or your chosen funeral director.

I have created a shroud/coffin and new design folded shrouds to disguise the body. Please phone to discuss requirements. 07831890399

Simple instructions will be sent with the shrouds to enable you or your funeral director to respectfully dress your loved one. 

These are very simple to use. Please contact me direct for any assistance you might need, I will help as much as I can. 

you may want a copy of the shroud image as a cyanotype or print. These are also available for sale, please ask for details.

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